Whats the best Bitcoin Investment?

If you want to invest in Bitcoin or projects around Bitcoin – or you want to use your Bitcoin or other Crypto Currencies to invest in companies or alike, its not easy to make a decision at the moment.

There are lots of scammers around which set up the next ponzi scheme or run away with your money through an exit scam. We recommend you to take a look at badbitcoin.org for a good overview of possible scams.

But now lets start with the recommended Bitcoin investment opportunities:

Did you already buy Bitcoin?

If not, you first need to get some. Go to a Bitcoin Exchange, get yourself verified and purchase your first part of a Bitcoin – or a whole Bitcoin while you still can afford it. Most people will never own a full Bitcoin – theres only 21 Million of them.

Bitcoin Mining

You can also invest your FIAT money into Bitcoin Mining. While setting up your own mining equipment is pretty complicated, produces a lot of heat and noise and uses a lot of energy, it is a lot easier for you if you order a Cloud Mining contract with a trusted Bitcoin Mining company like the ones reviewed on bestcloudmining.net.

You already have Bitcoin?

Congratulations! You invested in the future financial system, the Internet of Money. Now you are hooked, you will check the Bitcoin price daily and be part of the crazy Crypto Currency World.

But now, you want to make more out of your Bitcoin? There are several ways to do that.

Bitcoin P2P Lending

First, there is Bitcoin Lending where you can get up to 30% for the Bitcoin you lend out to others. This can be done on some specialized Bitcoin P2P Lending Sites and you need to do your own due dilligence on the lenders when you give them your money. The p2p lending platforms help you with deciding how much risk is involved with a certain lender.

Bitcoin Lending for Margin Trading

Many Bitcoin Brokers also give up to 3% per day in interest (if the markets are really hot) if you lend your Crypto to other Traders for margin trading / shorting. This has type of lending has relatively low risk involved compared to P2P lending sites but of course, leaving your Bitcoin to somebody else always has some risk involved.

You can check the Brokers which pay interest for Bitcoin Lending here.

Crypto Currency Trading

Surely one of the biggest gains were made in Crypto Trading in the last years. The markets have exploded and coins like Ethereum went up by almost 50x within half a year. Of course trading is risky and you need to build your skills before you start investing your precious Bitcoin on a trading platform.

But also it has some of the highest potential gains which ever existed. Heres how to learn Crypto Trading.

Investing in Altcoins

If trading takes too much time and you dont want the mental stress of going in and out of trades all the time, you could choose to invest your Bitcoin in Altcoins which are undervalued at the time you buy them – with the goal to sell them with maybe several hundred percent gains in the coming months.

Of course youll need a lot of knowledge here as the number of altcoins is endless. ZEC, ETC, ETH, XMR, XRP – do you know them alll? If not, heres how to invest in Altcoins.

Investing in ICO´s

Initial Coin Offerings ( ICO´s ) are the crypto equivalent to IPO´s in the stock market. But with the difference, that so far they are very unregulated and many products are not more than a Whitepaper and one lonely developer and a good marketing guy – but people invest tens of Millions in them.

Most people will lose money with ICO´s – if you want to be on the winners side, do deep research about the ICO you want to invest in: Heres how to invest in ICO´s.

High Yield Investment Programs

HYIP sounds great – but all of them are classic Ponzi schemes. Which means, if you get in soon, withdraw daily and get out as soon as you can – you can make great profits in very short periods with Bitcoin HYIP sites. But in reality, most sites are plain scams and will run away with your money. Heres more about how Bitcoin High Yield Programs work.

About us

This website informs you of the available Bitcoin investment possibilities and tries to educate you about possible scams. We give you our honest opinion from our experience of monitoring the crypto markets since 2011.

But of course, you yourself are responsible for each investment you take. We are not responsible for any losses which might occur – be aware that investing in Bitcoin itself is a very risky thing and you can lose everything within a very short period of time.

So, treat everything you read on this website with caution, think twice, be sceptic and make up your own mind, do your own research.

All information here is not financial advise, its just a collection of thoughts of some monkeys, flying with you on this organic spaceship around a gas balloon in this universe.