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The best bitcoin investment is definitely investing in yourself, your knowledge, your skills.

The smart bitcoin investor is not a gambler.

You may get rich by chance when you buy the right altcoin when it was low, you may win the jackpot in a bitcoin casino or get out of a hyip ponzi scheme before the other poor idiots – but all this doesnt make you any better or your future more safe.

By investing in yourself and your education and skills, you can replicate success in the future and you don’t have to rely on luck. Of course that takes quite some time – but it will last.

Fact is, that investing and trading has to do with skills and a high level of experience, both properties which don’t come over night but have to be built up at least over time. The more you’re willing to learn and the more time you invest into trading principles and mechanisms, and the more you pratice, the faster you’re going to become a reasonable investor who will make more and more money over time.

There are several different fields in which you can build your knowledge – always depending on where you are currently at.

If you want to know more about any crypto currency and how it works – you can find a shitload of videos on youtube for every topic. If you want to know anything about bitcoin, check if Andreas Antonopoulos made a video about it. He is the real deal.

Also you can find tons of trading tipps, market reports and other free stuff on youtube which will drastically increase your knowledge about the crypto currency revolution. The downside is, that there are also a lot of retards on youtube which want to show off and know shit. If you want a more curated library of tutorials and courses, invest a few bucks on udemy.com. You can find crypto currrency courses which show you how to trade and invest.

Bitcoin Trading Mentors

If you need a Mentor, take a look at the courses of Skillincubator.com. The bitcoin trading course is a great resource for beginners and intermediates – even though the host Rocky Darius will talk your ear off in his tutorials and market reports. When you sign up for their course, you have access to their video courses, a trading chat, get regular market reports and trading alerts. You can also ask your mentor via email – all in all a great offer to start with.

A good source for total trading beginners is this trading ebook for newbies that is kind of a quickstart teaching all basics a trader must know in order to start trading the right way. It’s a good first step into the crypto trading world so you know all trader terms and how the game works, with even precise trading strategies.

You can also follow a few guys on twitter which regularly tweet about their trades. Dont make the mistake and follow what they say without thinking twice – follow their tweets for a couple of months to see whos shit and whos legit.

Other known Crypto Trading Mentor Programs and Trading Groups:

  • Alvin Onemanatatime Lee´s Telegram Group (0.2 BTC monthly / 1 BTC for 6 months)
  • Kazonomics Trading Groups (Telegram) ( 0.1 BTC monhtly / 1 BTC per year)
  • Cryptopicassos Trading Signals (Telegram) ( 0.5 BTC one time payment)


To start, take a look at these trusted Twitter Crypto Trader acounts. They often publish some useful picks for altcoins for free. If you know how to read a chart and find a good entry, you dont need a paid trading group in the first place.