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Bitcoin HYIPs

You don’t belong to the people who are satisfied with a few percentages of interest on their traditional long-term investments? You rather take risks for the opportunity of high gains in short time as you can’t wait that long? Then you should have a closer look at the exciting field of Bitcoin HYIPs – High Yield Investment Programs.

HYIPs generally aren’t new, as they are known since decades as a very risky opportunity to make lots of money quickly. Usually they take the investments of people to trade them on financial markets (FOREX, Real Estate, other assets) to gain high profits. They say 1% of these companies are seriously operating, but most of the remaining 99% are scams.

So what exactly are Bitcoin HYIPs?

Bitcoin HYIPs belong to the field of Ponzi-Schemes. This investment concept is build on an ongoing growing number of participants. The first investors get their profit payed by later investors, the later investors get payed by investors which start investing after them and so on. All the time there are more new investors needed, to payout the profits of the earlier investors. You see, the concept is fairly simple.

Some of these Bitcoin HYIPs claim to be using the investments for crypto trading to seriously gain the profits through the cryptotrade markets. But in most cases there isn’t a serious background like that.

Who profits from Bitcoin HYIPs?

There are people – but very few – who gain a lot: the early investors (besides HYIP owners, of course). Think of the layers of a pyramide: The few layers on top are beeing hold by the layers below them. There always comes a point where there aren’t enough new investors in the lower layers anymore, to pay the upper ones. And there the system collapses. It’s simple mathematics.

So there are some happy winners with really high profits and a crowd of people who’ll never get their investment back.

So why should someone invest in Bitcoin HYIPs?

The great charm of the matter is obviously the opportunity to be one of the first investors. At least early enough to belong to the people who get their investment back with profit. The earlier you jump into the system, the higher your profits will be, as you’ll get payed for longer time than later investors.

But calling people who put money into HYIPs Investors is not really getting the point. Bitcoin HYIPs are nothing more than Casino Gambling in one of the casinos, if you are lucky, you might get a good payout – but the majority will always loose.

How to maximize the chance to be one of the winners?

Of course, there is never a guarantee for anything in this field. But there actually are always a few guys, who know how to get profits out of systems like that. And if you want to, you can play with those checkers‘ rules to at least maximize the chances to belong to the winners.

Bitcoin HYIP Tipps – the Golden Rules:

Rule No. 1: It’s pretty obvious – you must be as early as possible. Compare the runtimes of Bitcoin HYIPs and only invest in the younger ones. The newer, the better. And there should of course be a proof that they are paying at the moment.

Rule No. 2: Don’t join anymore, when the platform is already relatively old compared to the others. The payout system is likely to crash soon.

Rule No. 3: If you aren’t sure if you should join anymore or not, if you aren’t sure if the platform is likely to be able to payout long enough or not — just leave it. It’s too risky.

Rule No 4: There are quite big differences in how much profit those Bitcoin HYIPs promise. „300% in a month“ sounds maybe a little more likely to be true or a tiny little bit more healthy than „4000% in 2 days“ – just in comparison.

Rule No 5: Claim your profits daily (or just as soon as they offer the payouts). A Bitcoin HYIP can crash each day and there is no way to get anything back afterwards. So what you’ve got sent in your wallet today, is yours.

Rule No 6: Never put a bigger amount of Bitcoins into one HYIP, as bigger investments are hardly ever payed back, not even with profit. They say that Bitcoin HYIP sites eat the big investments. The risk to lose your money would be likely 100% in this case. Rather put smaller amounts in different HYIPs.

Ponzis & Bitcoin HYIP Sites

– fast high profit opportunity, only if you know what you are doing
– Explanation what it is, how it works
– Explain Ponzi scheme – early investor get payed by new investors
– Percentages of winners/losers:
– 3 phases life cycle
– note that there can only be some people winning/earning, when on the other end others are losing

Tipps – how can you be one of the few winners?

– join as early as possible, before the peak
– When not to join anymore
– How to descide if to join or not anymore
– avoid rediculously high profit promises
– claim your profits daily / asap

Good advice:

List of HYIPs

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